In the Zone

Have you ever had that feeling when you’re working on something where you are totally focused on the task and don’t notice time passing? This feeling of being completely absorbed and ‘in the zone’ is known in the field of psychology as flow. It has been described by one researcher as being the “optimal experience” … Read more


If you read my post on visual neglect, (or if not you can read it here), you will know that damage to the right posterior parietal cortex can cause patients to be biased to information on the right side, and ignore stimuli on the left. This is because each hemisphere processes visual information from the … Read more

Seeing is believing?

Another brainteaser for you! First of all, watch this video. Make sure you pay attention to the instructions at the beginning – you’ll be asked questions about it at the end.   What did you think?   And importantly – did you see the gorilla?! Selective attention tests like these show how focused our attention … Read more