Number Form Synaesthesia

Today’s post is about something I find really interesting, partly because it’s something which affects me – number form synaesthesia. I’ve mentioned this before in my post on types of synaesthesia (to read more click here) but it’s something I’ve wanted to find out more about. To recap, and for those of you who haven’t … Read more


Imagine if you saw music in colour, or if the letter ‘e’ always reminded you of a specific shade of yellow. Sounds weird, but these symptoms occur in people with synaesthesia: senses that are usually unrelated are automatically joined together to form a unique sensory experience. This can take the form of stimuli being assigned … Read more

Capgras Syndrome, Phantom Limbs & Synaesthesia

I’m back with a video from the psychologist who inspired me to study this subject at uni – V.S. Ramachandran. This TED talk looks at what makes us human and how studying neuroscience can link questions from philosophy to psychology. It also mentions Capgras syndrome – when patients with brain damage to the area of … Read more