Sleep and Mental Health

We all know we feel better after a good night’s sleep. However, sleep can easily feel like an inconvenience, something we have to do that takes us away from the temptations of Netflix or scrolling through Instagram. I recently read Matthew Walker’s book ‘Why We Sleep’, and it changed my mind about where sleep should … Read more

Self Care and Mental Health

Self care is a bit of a buzz word at the moment, with tonnes of articles about the benefits of taking time out to look after yourself. Sometimes, self care is used as another way to describe pampering, with things like bubble baths or face masks cited as a type of self care. Self care … Read more

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

How are you feeling today? If you’re anything like me and my friends the answer might well be ‘tired’. In modern society it can seem as though everyone is trying to cram as much as possible into their day, with work, family commitments, studying, exercising and fitting in a social life. This coupled with increased … Read more

Why do we dream?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we dream at night? From sweet dreams to recurring nightmares, our mind is rarely silent – regardless of whether we can really remember their content in the morning. Sometimes, we find our dreams are linked to things going on in our lives right now, worries about future events … Read more