The Mind’s Eye

For the vast majority of you, if I asked you, right now, to imagine a beach – all golden sands and blue sky then I doubt it would be a problem. We ‘see’ the beach with our mind’s eye, even though there is no beach in front of us, and it’s most likely still grey … Read more

Being left handed

As a left handed person and psychology graduate, this is a post I’ve wanted to write for a while because there’s actually a lot I don’t know about how being left handed affects the brain. Me and my dad are both left handed, but at opposite ends of the spectrum – he writes with his … Read more

Mirror Neurons

This post will explore a bit deeper into the functions of the brain – in particular how the brain learns to coordinate our movement and behaviours. To put it simply, mirror neuron ‘fire’ a signal when an individual is carrying out an action or when they watch another person carry out the same action. This … Read more

Grey Matter vs White Matter

This week’s post is about the cells that make up our brain. You might already know (especially if you read this post) that our brain cells are divided into two types: grey matter and white matter. Grey matter is another name for the brain cell bodies. White matter is made up from all of the … Read more


Imagine if you saw music in colour, or if the letter ‘e’ always reminded you of a specific shade of yellow. Sounds weird, but these symptoms occur in people with synaesthesia: senses that are usually unrelated are automatically joined together to form a unique sensory experience. This can take the form of stimuli being assigned … Read more