Language and the Brain

I’m going to talk about language in my next few posts, so here’s an overview of the language areas in our brain. As you will see, there’s a lot that goes on in a very short space of time for us to be able to understand speech and reply appropriately, but I’ll try and make … Read more

Is human memory reliable?

Here’s a memory fact for you: the human memory is NOT like a video camera. This would imply that the visual information we receive in our eyes is encoded and stored, without any further processing, to just be recalled in exactly the same way we first perceived it. This is not the case. One theory … Read more


Memories: everyone has them, and probably takes them for granted. You think that you can always rely on them, although it does let you down occasionally (ever walked into a room and forgot why you went in there?!). So how reliable actually is it? Here’s my explanation of human memory. You can separate memory into … Read more

The Brain

Okay, so let’s start with the obvious, the brain. Here are a few fun(!) facts to get going: 1. The brain is made up of both grey matter (cell bodies) and white matter (the cells axons – the bit that makes connections). 2. The brain can be divided into four main cortices (areas, also called … Read more